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When we think of developing any software the Core PHP is always our first choice. Not because it is open source and available for free of cost, but software that develops using core PHP is very secure, fast, and runs on any operating system.

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Best Backend development Agency in Dubai

Best Backend development Agency in Dubai

NEESWARTH commits to providing custom-fit quality backend using Core PHP. We offer software that is easy to maintain, high traffic efficient, secure, and fit your business requirements and most important budget.


To get a lot of calls and leads directly to your business, NEESWARTH builds software using Core PHP.


Forget about the slow & expensive delivery. Save thousands & have control over your online business.


We provide real-time reporting to our customers to maintain proper transparency and trust.

An experienced & trusted digital agency

NEESWARTH deliver highly secure, scalable, and user-friendly solutions using Core PHP, and everything is possible just because of our experienced team member. Our team specializes in designing, testing, and implementing that’s the reason behind our success story.

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Best Backend development Agency in Dubai
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NEESWARTH works hard to meet each deadline and always delivers the project in tie with the full functionality that our client looking for. We always ensure to provide high-quality solutions at a justified price.

Frontend Tech Solution

  • Flutter

  • Angular

  • React Js

  • Ajax Solution

  • Minify & Optimization Solution

  • WordPress Solution

  • Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery & CSS

BackEnd Tech Solution

  • Core PHP

  • Laravel

  • Codeigniter

  • Node Js

  • Dot Net Core

  • Dot Net X

  • ASP Dot Net

  • MVC Dot Net

Database Tech Solution

  • SQL Server

  • My SQl

  • MongoDb

  • MariaDb

  • SQLite

  • Firebase

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